P.E. & Chris MacAllister

P.E. & Chris MacAllister

As Indiana’s leading heavy equipment supplier, MacAllister has the experienced people and broad resources to positively impact your operations on a daily basis. Consider these cutting-edge benefits:

In-depth knowledge

Our equipment specialists know the ins and outs of how our products can help you perform at your best. Most of us have been in the business for decades. So, there’s no guesswork. We speak your language. And we have the know-how to get you to the right solution the first time… every time.

First-class service

MacAllister service means more. It’s a matter of being continuously reliable and responsive. Analyzing equipment and helping evaluate your field operations. Creating detailed cost projections. Planning for variables. Helping you manage your costs and make good decisions. Communicating with you daily, weekly, monthly. Keeping it always simple – and profitable – for you. Whether you’re a one-man operation or running a fleet.

Trustworthy understanding

Comfortable. That’s the word for dealing with MacAllister. In every phase or our operations, we’re open, approachable, non-intimidating. We listen, with an easy, unhurried attitude that says we’re here to overcome even the biggest challenges – with imaginative, sensible, down-to-earth solutions. No matter how pressing the question or circumstances, there’s never any high pressure from us.

The right equipment right at hand

MacAllister has what you need. Period. We work with market-leading suppliers to assemble and maintain the largest and most varied product line of its kind in Indiana. Planting shrubs? We’re the place that can help. Moving ten-ton rocks? We’re the place for that, too. And it’s a place nearby, with eleven convenient MacAllister locations across the state.

Plus a whole list of value-added essentials

MacAllister backs top-quality equipment with top-quality support. From technical consultation to financing programs. From ready-now rentals to expert, quick-turn parts support. From thorough field servicing to a spectrum of downtime-saving preventive maintenance plans. MacAllister gives you complete answers… taking care of all the details the way only a leader can.